Land Development & Construction


Bridger Real Estate LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bridger Corp, is the division that manages all aspects of development from procurement, land entitlement, and improvements from site infrastructure through vertical construction. In the mid-Atlantic and Southern regions of the US, we have developed complexes in the aggregate of hundreds of millions of US dollars..


Bridger Real Estate LLC manages all aspects of property management, leasing and branding/marketing. Aggressive, proactive micro-management of all aspects of the property ensures strong occupancy, low receivables, positive market perception and retained property condition which all result in returning tenants, higher lease rates and extended lease durations compared our competitors.


BridgerCorps’ goal is to produce class leading, cash flowing investment properties that are well positioned in their respective marketplaces. In addition to the thousands of market rate apartments, townhomes and the light commercial and office spaces developed, we have developed 1000’s of off-campus student housing beds with other like-developments currently underway.

Bridgercorp has  a broad development pipeline with projects in various stages of entitlement and development. Being highly experienced in all aspects of the development and investment life cycle, we may add value to an opportunity in a joint venture, equity investment, partnership, or initial seed capital arrangement for the right prospect.


Introducing NetBridge. With our programmers, we designed fully integrated proprietary web based financial management / construction / property management software suites that are specifically designed around work flows and internal controls within and between our conglomerate companies. NetBridge includes customer & tenant portals, partner management dashboards, B2B portals and a fully web based electronic leasing / payment process to leverage the ubiquitous nature of the web.